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new red ring of death?


i bought a 360 console from 06, and as many of you know alot didn’t work. mine was one i got the red ring twice and now im considering getting a new 360 all together. is it true that new 360s cant get the red ring anymore? please also list the problems for the newer ones if any. ive heard they fixed alot but wanna be sure before i waste ANOTHER 300 dollars

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  1. you do know that you can just keep the hard drive and get the arcade which is 100 dollars cheaper.

    so i helped you save money but unless you want the 60GB then it’s fine by me i’m just saying

    hope this helped

  2. I got mine around a year ago and it hasnt had any problems. Once it didnt read a disc at first but then it worked idk what happened there but so far its been all good. I would say its a good investment to buy a new one bc mine hasnt been a problem but you should see what deals you could get for trading in your 360 (if its working right now you could prolly make a good 70 bucks from gamestop or at least 100 from a friend). Or if you wanted to keep your hard drive you could buy the arcade version for only $100

  3. There was a video on the news (CNN) and the guy said he found the reason why the RROD was happening, and this was a while ago (in ’08) and they said that the new xbox’s would be RROD free, so hope this helps, also if you are going to buy a new one just take the HDD off your old and buy an arcade, it’s way cheaper and easier.

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